Saffron Hall volunteers sew scrubs for NHS

Posted on May 1, 2020


Our volunteers have sprung into action over the last few weeks to use their sewing skills to make scrubs for local NHS workers and care home staff. Here’s an update from them:

We may be unable to fulfil our usual volunteer roles during the COVID-19 lockdown, but we are ready to rise to the challenges presented by it. A nationwide appeal for the public to become involved in making scrubs for NHS workers was launched at the beginning of April, leading to a a network of local organisers for the cause – including one here in Saffron Walden. A message went out to the WhatsApp group of Front of House volunteers asking for donations of haberdashery and bed linen followed by a response that we can be proud of!  Many members offered to donate items, whilst others dusted off their sewing machines and got to work.


After grappling with a pattern stuck together from 28 sheets of A4 paper, the challenge of turning a pillowcase into a drawstring bag and practising how to mitre the perfect patch pocket, Saffron Hall volunteers alone have supplied our local For the Love of Scrubs organiser with over 50 scrubs bags and several sets of scrubs made from duvet covers and donated material. Our local NHS trust which covers Peterborough and Cambridge has appealed for 2000 sets and we are working hard to fulfil that request in this area by fundraising to supply the vast army of local cutters and sewers with suitable fabric. Local care homes and hospices are also sending “cries for help” – so while there is demand we will keep on sewing!

If you want to get involved in sewing yourself, you can find all the patterns and fabric specifications on the For the Love of Scrubs facebook page.

To donate to our local For the Love of Scrubs group click here


Saffron Hall is a charity and we rely on income from ticket sales and donations to keep doing what we’re doing. If you want to support us through this difficult period, please consider making a donation or becoming a Saffron Hall member.

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