Thursday 24 Oct 2019

Steve Reich/Gerhard Richter

£10 - £35 Book Now
Steve Reich/Gerhard Richter
£10 - £35 Book Now

Steve Reich: the composer who redefined the very concept of rhythm – and whose vitality interrogates and transforms everything it touches. Gerhard Richter: a titan of contemporary art, a master of light capable of charging abstract forms with intense emotional power.

Together with Britten Sinfonia they’ve combined original music and digital visuals, derived from Richter’s painting 946-3, to create a new artwork. ‘A stream of images, its rhythmic flow interpreted by music and, at the same time, a musical composition visualized by film images’ is how Richter describes a collaboration that’s anticipated as one of the most significant moments in contemporary art this year.

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The free minibus service between Audley End Station and Saffron Hall will be in operation for this concert. For more details click here

Presented by Britten Sinfonia

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Britten Sinfonia
Colin Currie conductor
Film by Gerhard Richter and Corinna Belz, music by Steve Reich

Reich Pulse

Reich Runner

Reich/Richter (European premiere tour)

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